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Newsletter Archive
Winter 2024

Winter 2024

WV LTAP Celebrating 40 Years
Work Zone Sign Package Time
2024 Build a Better Mousetrap
Build a Better Mousetrap 2023 Entries
Entry Level Driver Training
City of Martinsburg's CDL Training Solutions
CDL Training Materials
What Not to Do: Guidance for Liability Neutral Language
Road Scholar Graduates
Reducing Snow Plow Driver Fatigue During Storms
Safety Brief: Stay Fit for Snow Fighting
Snow Removal Communication
Media Training Tips
Needs Assesment
Spring 2023

Spring 2023

2023 Planning & Goals
BIL Infrastructure Funding
Roads Scholar I Graduate
Build a Better Mousetrap Program and Examples from PA, CT, & MT
Safety Brief: Trenching & Shoring Basics
What Not to Say. Guidance for Liability Neutral Language (Part 1)
Traveling Through Invasive Plants
Customer Service Essentials
Excavation and Trenching Safety Crossword Puzzle
Spring/Summer 2022

Spring/Summer 2022

Don't Give a Free Ride to the Spotted Lanternfly
Finding, Keeping & Training Commercial Drivers
Embracing Change
Meeting Two of Our Newest Advisory Board Members
2022 Roadway Management Conference Registration & Agenda
Additional Training Opportunities
Event Recap: From Drones to Transportation Planning
Flagger Safety & Innovative Vest Designs
Roadway Maintenance Crossword Puzzle
Getting Up to Speed
Traffic Signal Basics
To Do List
Winter 2021

Winter 2021

2021 Reflections & 2022 Plans
Recruiting and Retaining Highway Maintenance Workers
2022 Build a Better Mousetrap Competition
Delaware DOTs Third Eye
FHWA's EDC-6: Every Day Counts Overview
Bipartisan Infrastructure Law
Give Support to Your New Co-Workers
2021 Snow and Ice Control Workshop 
Winter Maintenance Crossword
2022 Transportation Planning Conference
Summer 2021

Summer 2021

Combatting Road User Errors
Build a Better Mousetrap Winners
WV LTAP's Virtual Training Platform
Roads Scholar Graduates
Safety Brief Working in the Heat
2021 Snow & Ice Control Workshop
Spring 2021

Spring 2021

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Drones
Road Facts: Motorists and Cyclists Sharing the Road
Roads Scholar Recognition
Training Opportunities
Safety Brief: Three Points of Contact
2021 Build a Better Mousetrap Competition
WV LTAP Website Your To Do List
Fall/Winter 2020

Fall/Winter 2020

Safety Training Resources Unveiled
Signs, Barrels, Cones & More
Build a Better Mousetrap Competition
Why Now is the Perfect Time to Add Social Media to Your Communications Toolkit
Roadway Management Conference Updates
Daily Winter Checklist Before You Start Your Drive
Transportation Pandemic Playbook Summary
Virtual Snow & Ice Control Workshop
Tips for Plowing Snow on Gravel Roads
Safety Brief: Operator Safety During Winter Maintenance
Summer 2020

Summer 2020

New WV LTAP Website Launched
Roadway Management Conference Update
2020 Snow & Ice Control Workshop Going Virtual
Fall Training Highlights
Safety Brief: Repel and Kill Pesky Mosquitos and Ticks
The Work Zone Sign Package Program is Back!
Electronic LTAP Publications
LTAP Director Changes
Meet our Newest Advisory Board Members
Rural Transportation Project Funding - R.O.U.T.E.S.
Help Us Stay in Touc
Spring 2020

Spring 2020

Adapting to 2020
Staying Connected While Working Remotely
Time Management Tips
Safety Brief: A Clean Truck is a Healthy Truck
Americans with Disabilities Act & Local Road Agencies: Creating Facilities for All Users
2020 Build a Better Mousetrap Competition
2020 Roadway Management Conference
Fall/Winter 2019

Fall/Winter 2019

WV LTAP: 2019 to 2020
Roadway Management Conference
2019 Snow & Ice Control Workshop:Snow was in the Air
Safety Brief: Dressing for Winter Work & Protecting Yourself from Cold Stress
Let’s Plow Right In
Ask an Engineer
Roads Scholar Graduates
Summer 2019

Summer 2019

Pedestrian Peer Exchange
Rehabilitating Covered Bridges
Roads Scholar I & II News
Ditch Maintenance Decisions
Working Along the Roadway (Tailgate Safety Briefing)
Understanding WV’s Roadways
Roadway Management Conference
Spring 2019

Spring 2019

Community Spotlight: Buckhannon’s Safety Program
Community Spotlight Buckhannon’s Sidewalk Repair Program
Road Facts - Pedestrians and Drivers: Whose Turn is it? Pedestrian and Driver Tips
WV Needs Assessment Summary
2019 Build a Better Mousetrap Competition
Training Highlights & Updates
Roadway Management Conference
Fall/Winter 2018

Fall/Winter 2018

Snow and Ice Control Workshop Milestone
Roadway Management Conference
A Focus on Safety During Winter Maintenance Operations
Tailgate Safety Briefing Compressed Air
Traffic Incident Management
Heads-Up! Distracted Pedestrians
Ask an Engineer
Every Day Counts Round 5
2019 Build a Better Mousetrap Competition
Free Online Training Opportunity
Upcoming Events
Spring/Summer 2018

Spring/Summer 2018

Roadway Management Conference Information
Snow & Ice Control Workshop
Chainsaw Operation
Spring/Summer 2018 Street Smarts Trivia
Ask an Engineer
In Memory of Edward �Ed� Neumann
Highlights from the First Partnering for a Better Future Conference
Roads Scholar Graduates
Silica Dust � Not a Breath of Fresh Air
The Dusty Truth of Building the Hawks Nest Tunnel
Building Bridges: Public Works Birthday Parties
Fall/Winter 2017

Fall/Winter 2017

SICW Highlights
WV LTAP Needs Your Feedback
Country Roads & City Streets Makeover in the Making!
Road & Street Speak
Summer 2017 Street Smarts Trivia Winners
Region Ready Winter Rally
APWA Mid-Atlantic Chapter
Is There too Much Salt in Your Road's Diet?
Winter Themed Word Search What Treatments are Best for Concrete Surfaces?
Road Weather Management
Are All Pavements Alike When it Comes to Snow and Ice Treatments?
2017 Roads Scholar II Grads.
2018 Highlighted Events Pages
2018 Mousetrap Competition
Summer 2017

Summer 2017

Hands-On Backhoe Operation Class a Success!
Common Safety Problems When Working Around Heavy Equipment
Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center Website
WV Bike Summit
Safety Tips for Bicyclists
Free FHWA Web-Based Tool USLIMITS2
Summer 2017 Street Smarts Trivia
WV LTAP Customer Needs Assessment
Spring 2017

Spring 2017

Comparison Sign Panel Kits Available
Check Out the WV LTAP's Equipment Loan Program
Developing the Allegheny Highlands Rails-With-Trails
West Virginia Showcase
2017 Build a Better Mousetrap Competition
Fall/Winter 2016

Fall/Winter 2016

Don't Risk It - Managing Roadway Winter Maintenance Liability Exposure
WV LTAP Favorite Recipe - Toffee Pecan Bars
Charleston, WV's First Paint the Snow Plow Program
The Cost of Littering
Why Bridges Sway and Bounce
Build a Better Mousetrap Winners Recognized
Helping with Flood Recovery - A Personal Perspective
Highlights from the 2016 Snow and Ice Control Workshop
Roundabout Maintenance Manual
Tips for Snowplow Operators at Highway Railway Crossings
Snow and Ice Control Best Management Practices
Roadway Management Conference Future
Summer 2016

Summer 2016

The WV Flood of 2016
2016 Build a Better Mousetrap Winners!
Roads Scholar II Graduates
Ron Eck Awarded NLTAPA Achievement Award
Ask an Engineer: What is the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), and to Whom Does it Apply?
Snow and Ice Control Workshop - September 28
Spring 2016

Spring 2016

Stormproofing Principles Applicable to Local Roads
Meet Our Newest Advisory Board Members
Recommended Noise Protection Safety Practices
Roads Scholar II Graduates
Milling Scoop - An Innovative Idea from Colorado
Ask an Engineer: How much visibility do I need in advance of a sign?
Winter 2015

Winter 2015

2015 Work Zone Sign Package Recipients
A Great Gravel Roads Resource: The Gravel Roads Construction and Maintenance Guide
Winter Weather Road Maintenance: Q & A
The 2015 Snow and Ice Control Workshop - Back to the Basics
Clear Roads Program Overview
North Dakota Oil County Tech Talk Tour
WV LTAP Announces Three New Classes
Upcoming Training
Season's Greetings
Summer 2015

Summer 2015

Radar Speed Sign Available for Lending
Why Train Your Employees?
WV LTAP's Build a Better Mousetrap Winners
Stay Safe from Venomous Snakes
In Print for 30 Years!
Apply for a 2015 Work Zone Sign Package
Roads Scholar II Graduates
Upcoming Fall WV LTAP Classes
Spring 2015

Spring 2015

The Important Role of Personal Protective Equipment to a Safety Program
Road Facts Information Sheet: Road Rules for Driving in Work Zones
Protecting Yourself from West Nile Virus
Two New WV LTAP Classes
It's Not Too Late to Enter WV LTAP's 2015 Build a Better Mousetrap Competition
Bill Wyant Retires from WV LTAP Activities
Spring 2015 Street Smarts Contest
The Benefits of Active Listening
WV LTAP Launches New Website
Ask an Engineer: Is it ok to use an orange flag in an emergency?
Fall/Winter 2014

Fall/Winter 2014

Journey Through the Monongahela National Forest
Snow and Ice Control Workshop
Device Shows at a Glance if Wheels are Loose
Chicken and Dumplings Recipe
Q&A with Our Newest Advisory Board Members
Information on WV LTAP Training
WV LTAP's 2015 Build a Better Mousetrap Competition & Entry Form
WV LTAP's 2014 Work Zone Sign Package Winners
Study Shows How Truck Speed and Distribution Method Influence Bounce and Scatter
Winter Operations Safety Checklist
Stormfighting Practices for Different Types of Snow
Season's Greetings
Summer 2014

Summer 2014

WV LTAP's Work Zone Sign Package Program Returns!
WV LTAP Staff Update
Joint OH/PA/WV Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Conference
WV LTAP's Build a Better Mousetrap Winners
Roads Scholar I Graduates
WV LTAP Advisory Board Member Opening
Check Out WV LTAP's Resources
2014 Snow and Ice Control Workshop Set for September 24
Spring 2014

Spring 2014

Responsibilities of a Flagger
WV LTAP's Build a Better Mousetrap Competition Deadline Extended
Non-Verbal Communication Speaks Volumes
It's the Stupid Drivers Fault
Ron Eck Named 2013 NCWV ASHE Man of the Year
Fall/Winter 2013

Fall/Winter 2013

On the Move with the PRT
LTAP's Region 3 PRT Tour
Roads Scholar II Graduates
WV LTAP Advisory Board Retirements
A Word to the Wise
Road Facts: Sharing the Road with Deer
Roadway and Other Fun Facts
WV LTAP Facebook Page
Street Smarts Contest
WV LTAP's 2014 Build a Better Mousetrap Competition & Entry Form
PA LTAP's 2013 Build a Better Mousetrap Winners
Road Facts: Railroad Crossings
Free NHI Maintenance Training Series: Weather-Related Operations
A Flurry of Topics Were Covered at the 2013 Snow and Ice Control Workshop
7 Recommendations for Salt Application
WV LTAP Training
Summer 2013

Summer 2013

Road Rules for Roundabouts
Jumping Into the Social Media Pool
Getting the Scoop on Pig Poop - Its Potential Role as a Binder in Pavements
Innovative Idea: Sign Repair Stand
WV LTAP Welcomes Two New Advisory Board Members
Snow and Ice Control Workshop Announcement
Spring 2013

Spring 2013

WV LTAP Equipment Loan Program
The Proof is in the Proofreading
Innovative Idea from North Dakota: Large Tire Trailer Transport
Road Sleuth Information Sheet: Roundabout Myth
Roadway Fun Facts
Spring 2013 Street Smarts Contest
Check Out the WV LTAP Facebook Page
WV LTAP Roads Scholar Graduates
Winter 2012

Winter 2012

2012 Snow and Ice Control Workshop Highlights
Chain Saw Operations: Best Practices When Working with Spring Poles (Part Two of Two)
Using Portable Generators Safely
Road Sleuth Information Sheet - Myth: Why is the Road Department Spraying Water on the Roadway During the Winter?
Fall 2012 Street Smarts Contest Winners
Check Out the WV LTAP Facebook Page
Roadway Fun Facts
Fall 2012

Fall 2012

Chain Saw Operation: Safe Use and Best Practices (Part One of Two)
Basic Felling - Situational Awareness
Federal-aid Essentials for Local Public Agencies Website Launches
Innovative Rack for Plow Blades
Road Sleuth Information Sheet - Myth: Pedestrians Should Walk in the Same Direction as Traffic When Sidewalks are Not Available
Electronic and Postal Mailing List Update and Facebook Page Info
Street Smarts Contest
Summer 2012

Summer 2012

WV LTAP Awards 12 Work Zone Sign Packages
Road Sleuth Information Sheet - Myth: It Can't Cost that Much to Pave.
Meet the First WV LTAP Roads Scholar II Graduates
Heat Safety Fact Sheet
Recommended Safety Practices During Lightning Storms
Upcoming Virtual Training Opportunity
Check Out the WV LTAP Facebook Page
Upcoming Snow and Ice Control Workshop
Spring 2012

Spring 2012

Feature Article: Pedestrian Accessibility: Where Does Your Community Stand?
Road Sleuth Information Sheet - Myth: All-Way Stop Signs Slow Traffic
WV LTAP Now on Facebook!
Winter 2011

Winter 2011

Traffic Safety Primer for Local Elected Officials
City of Morgantown Roads Scholar I Graduates
A WV LTAP Favorite Recipe - Cheese Ball
Road Sleuth Information Sheet - Myth: Traffic Signals Reduce Crashes
Smart Phone Applications (Apps)
Winter Roadway Maintenance Computer Based Training Sets
Fall 2011

Fall 2011

Think, Act, Be Safe: Safe Winter Operations for Professional Snowfighters
Upcoming Designing Pedestrian Facilities for Accessibility Class - November 1
Road Sleuth Information Sheet - Myth: Speed Humps and Speed Bumps are the Same
What to Do During an Earthquake
New Items in WV LTAP Library
Summer 2011

Summer 2011

Using Goat Employees as Part of Your Vegetation Management Plan
Evaluating Products for Roadway Dust Control
Congratulations to Another Round of Roads Scholar I Graduates
Using Native Plants for Roadside Revegetation
Upcoming Training
Spring 2011

Spring 2011

Computer-Based Winter Roadway Maintenance Training Available
Every Day Counts Initiative
Latest Work Zone Sign Package Recipients
Don't Run Short on Concrete: Estimating Project Quantities
WV LTAP Recognizes Retirees
Don't Miss Out on Training Opportunities
Fall/Winter 2010

Fall/Winter 2010

Record Attendance at the 2010 Snow and Ice Control Workshop
Tired Behind the Wheel?
Thinking Outside the Box: Non-Traditional Deicers
More 2010 WV LTAP Roads Scholar I Graduates
Area School Children Use Their Artistic Talents for the City of Morgantown PWs Department
An Important Tool: A Personalized Winter Communication Plan
Request for Updated Email Addresses
Recipe: Throw-n-Go Chicken Chili
Q&A Regarding Scheduling WV LTAP Training
Introducing Two New WV LTAP Classes
Upcoming Training
Why Children At Play Signs Are Not Recommended
Spring/Summer 2010

Spring/Summer 2010

Distracted Driving Creates Dangerous Situations
Roads Scholar Graduates
Roads Scholar I Program Overview and Classes
Roads Scholar II Program Overview and Classes
Turning Down the Volume: Customer Service Tips for Public Works
Roadway Management Workshop Overview & Newsletter Correction
Recipe: Bacon & Blue Burgers
OSHA Class Overview
Recognizing Meth Waste Hazards Along WV Roads
Sign Retroreflectivity Information and Free Available Guidebook
WV LTAP Needs Assessment Summary
Techniques for Lifting
Winter 2009

Winter 2009

City Plows Get a New Look
Deer Dangers: Wildlife-Vehicle Collisions
A Step-by-Step Process to Starting a Snow Plow Blade Painting Program
Do You Know What Training Your Employees Want or Need?
Upcoming Training
Snow and Ice Control Workshop Review
The Green Corner - Environmentally Conscious Snow Disposal
Season's Greetings
Fall 2009

Fall 2009

Salt. Salt. And More Salt.
Giveaway Publications, CDs, and DVDs
WV LTAP Attends Municipal League Meeting
Making Salt Brine
Ron Eck Conducting Click, Listen & Learn Session
Talking with the Media
The Green Corner - The Effects of Flushing Wash Water Down Storm Drains
Upcoming Training Offered by the WV LTAP
Summer 2009

Summer 2009

WV Women Work! Roads Scholar I Grads
WV LTAP's Road Scholar I Program
New Material Available in the Lending Library
Staff Changes at the WV LTAP
Road Safety Audits
Update Form & Needs Survey
Upcoming WVDEP Workshop
The Green Corner - West Virginia University's Green Roof
Upcoming Training
Spring 2009

Spring 2009

2008 Work Zone Sign Package Giveaway
Spring Floods and Culvert Failures
FHWA Provides Information on the Economic Recovery Bill
2008 - WV LTAP Review
NHI Offers Free Training
Controlling Stormwater with Reservoir Pavements
Retroreflectometer Loan Program
Input, Ideas and Opinions
Winter 2008

Winter 2008

The Benefits of Pre-wetting
WV LTAP Helps Local Community
New DVD Available
WV Municipal League - The Voice for WV Communities
2009 RMC Postponement
Spotlight on the City of Wheeling
Annual Snow and Ice Control Workshop a Success
Post Storm Review Discussion
Post Storm Discussion Questions
Happy Holidays from WV LTAP
Fall 2008

Fall 2008

Asset Management Advice
Familiar Face, New Position
New High-Visibility Apparel Rule
2008 Chain Saw Safety Workshop
Too Busy to Train? Think Again
Selecting the Proper Snowplow
Updated Training Courses
New Library Additions
Summer 2008

Summer 2008

Roadside Mowing Operations
Protecting Workers from Effects of Heat
WV LTAP Assistant Changes
WV LTAP Traffic Counting Assistance
16th Annual Roadway Management Conference
Posion Ivy: A Summertime Nuisance
Six Steps to Long-Lasting Pothole Repair
Dr. Ron Eck Retires from WVU
Spring 2008

Spring 2008

Low-Cost Safety Improvements
Chainsaw Safety Crossword Puzzle Answers
West Virginia LTAP Initiates Sign Retroreflectometer Loan Program
Sharpen Your Chainsaw Safety Skills with a Crossword Puzzle
Ten WV Municipalities Receive Free Work Zone Sign Packages
New Materials Available From the WV LTAP Lending Library
Winter 2007

Winter 2007

Winter Road Maintenance
WV LTAP Hosts 16th Annual Snow and Ice Control Workshop
Shepherdstown Finds Solution for Sidewalk Repair
CDL Training Videos Available
WV LTAP Announces Ten Work Zone Sign Package Winners
Happy Holidays from the West Virginia LTAP
Fall 2007

Fall 2007

TruPave� Engineered Paving Mat
New Publications
Technical Assistant Brad DiCola Leaves the WV LTAP
Good Housekeeping Tips for Pavement
Work Zone Sign Package Program Reinstated
2008 Roadway Management Conference
Upcoming WV LTAP Training
The Newest Addition to the WV LTAP Staff: WV LTAP Welcomes Mark Franz
Summer 2007

Summer 2007

WV LTAP Hosts Flagger Certification Training
Traffic Engineering - Two Sides of the Same Coin
Construction Math Workshop
10 Tire Tips - For Tire Life and Worker Safety
Vehicle Safety: Avoiding Backing Accidents
2007 Roadway Management Conference a Success
Training Opportunities
The Newest Addition to the WV LTAP Staff
Spring 2007

Spring 2007

The World of a Traffic Engineer
Build a Crashworthy Work Zone Sign Stand
Additional Flagger Certification Courses Sponsored by WV LTAP
Flagger Certification Courses Scheduled Throughout WV
WV LTAP Welcomes New Board Members
Interested in an Equipment/Snowplow Rodeo?
Winter 2006

Winter 2006

Making "Cents" - Funding West Virginia's Roads
The City of Morgantown Plows Ahead
Congratulations to our 2006 Roads Scholar Graduates
Update on WV LTAP Lending Library
Upcoming 7 Habits for Highly Effective People Training
Roadway Management Conference Date Set!
Happy Holidays
Fall 2006

Fall 2006

Methamphetamine Waste: A Danger for Road Workers
West Virginia Extension Service Program Helps Create Synergy in Communities
Country Roads, Take Me Home�Safely Forum Highlights
Mike Blankenship Bids Farewell to WV LTAP
Changes at the WV LTAP
Summer 2006

Summer 2006

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Signature Program Offering
Public Works Agencies and Their Vital Role as First Responders
User Fees As a Finance Method for Funding New Road Construction
Upcoming Event: Country Roads Take Me Home...Safely
New Employee
Spring 2006

Spring 2006

New Incident Management Requirements are in Effect - NIMS
Are You Familiar with the Highway Watch� Program?
New Materials Available in the Lending Library
Training Announcements
2005 Roads Scholar Graduates
WV LTAP Advisory Board Member Jack Justice Retires
Winter 2005

Winter 2005

Pedestrian Success Stories in Greenbrier County
The Truth About Sand and Salt for Winter Maintenance
Interactive CD-Roms Available
Fall 2005

Fall 2005

Disaster Planning & The Role of Rural Communities
Disaster Planning and Security Websites
Emergency Supplies to Have on Hand
Backhoe Operator Training A Success
Upcoming Roads Scholar Courses
Safety Circuit Rider Update
Summer 2005

Summer 2005

Crash Reconstruction Workshop Recap
WV LTAP's Safety Circuit Rider Update
Safety Edge: Pavement Edge Treatment
Safety Fact Sheets
Event Announcements
Welcome to Our Newest Staff Member: Brad DiCola
Program Changes and Snow and Ice Control Workshop, Sept. 21, 2005
Spring 2005

Spring 2005

New Logo, New Name. Same Great Program�
Meet the Instructor: Dr. Darrell Dean
GPS/GIS Course Conducted February 10, 2005
APWA West Virginia Chapter Revitalization
The 26th Annual WV Expo and Skuup the Skunk!
New Faces at the WV LTAP and Accolades
West Virginia Storm Water Workshop Series
Winter 2004

Winter 2004

Can You Believe It's Been 20 Years?
Highlights from the Past 20 Years
The Original Members of the WV T2 Advisory Board & Timeline of Current Board Members and Volunteers
Reflections by Don Williams, T2 Advisory Board Member
Q&A - from Country Roads & City Streets, 1986
Rhode Island DOT Showcases Quonset Point EPS Geofoam Technology Project
2005 Brings New Safety Circuit Rider Program to WV!
Ron's Technical Assistance Road Trip: June 7-11, 2005
Bridge Maintenance Workshop Announcement - Jan. 11
Best Wishes
Fall 2004

Fall 2004

Abrasives in Snow and Ice Control
Salt Institute's Excellence in Storage Award - Information for 2005
Upcoming Course - Designing Pedestrian Facilities for Access
Proactive versus Reactive Winter Public Relations
Highlights and Scenes from the '04 Snow and Ice Control Workshop
Upcoming Events
Summer 2004

Summer 2004

Road Crashes Reduced 42% in Mendocino County, CA
The Importance of Practicing Email Etiquette
New Additions to the Lending Library
Roads Scholar I Recent News
Tips on Effective Listening
Upcoming Events
Spring 2004

Spring 2004

Recent Chain Saw Safety Sessions
Tim's Tips. Reducing Downtime.
An Accident? An Article on Chain Saw Safety�
New Additions to the WV T2 Center Lending Library
Free Stuff from the WV T2 Center
Upcoming Roads Scholar I & II Courses
Winter 2003

Winter 2003

Snow Workshop Focuses on Winter Survival
MS4 Stormwater Workshop Series Announcement
The Technical Assistant's 2 Cents Highlighting: Can Pavement Stamping Work For You?
Overview of the Municipal Equipment Management Systems Software - MEMS
2004 Roadway Management Conference Announcement
Season's Greetings
Fall 2003

Fall 2003

Rain, Rain, Go Away�
Recent Roads Scholar Graduates
Click, Listen & Learn Webcast Session: Where Does Public Works Fit into Smart Growth Planning?
The Technical Assistant's 2 Cents Highlighting: Reusable Plastic Sidewalk Foamboards
In Brief with the Director
Summer 2003

Summer 2003

Culvert Inspection and Repair
Common Culvert Problems and Solutions
Additional Upcoming Events
Roads Scholar II Program is in the Works
Upcoming July 9 Roads Scholar II Courses
Review of Recent Events
Walkable Communities Workshop
In Brief with the Director
Spring 2003

Spring 2003

Vegetation Control for Safety
Roadside Vegetation
Mowing Operations Do's and Don'ts
Traffic Control for Mowing Operations
Prevention and Control of Lyme Disease
What are the Signs and Symptoms of Lyme Disease?
Meet the T2 Center's Newest Technical Assistant
Another Farewell
In Brief with the Director
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