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Have you ever thought it would be nice to know how many vehicles are being driven on your city streets or how many people use your town’s sidewalks or designated pedestrian trails? In addition to being nice information to have, collecting and analyzing data can help your agency prioritize safety, maintenance, and development, and it can help with planning for future needs. Data helps roadway managers make informed decisions when prioritizing projects and deciding on the type and level of work that should be done.


The WV LTAP has several pieces of equipment available to lend to communities in West Virginia that can assist with data gathering. Your agency is responsible for ensuring the equipment’s security and is responsible for paying for repairs or replacement in the event the equipment gets damaged. A WV LTAP employee will bring the equipment to you and show you how to install and/or use it at your selected location. When your loan period is complete, you would be responsible for bringing the equipment back to our office in Morgantown. This is a great way for your agency to have access to equipment without the high purchase cost.




There is no cost to borrow this equipment. However, your agency is responsible for ensuring its security and is responsible for paying for repairs or replacement in the event that the equipment gets damaged. A WV LTAP employee will bring the equipment to you and show you how to install and or use it at your selected location. When your loan period (two weeks) is complete, you would be responsible for getting it back to us.

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AVAILABLE EQUIPMENT (Images expand when clicked.)

Radar Speed Sign

The WV LTAP’s radar speed sign mounts directly and securely to an existing u-channel sign post and operates on a battery for up to two weeks. It meets the requirements of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for roads with speed limits up to 35 mph. Like the larger trailer-mounted variety, this sign displays the speed that a vehicle is moving as it approaches the sign. If a driver is speeding, the sign can be set so that the registered number blinks; thus, alerting the driver to the fact that they are exceeding the posted speed limit. The radar speed sign also records the number of vehicles that pass by the sign.

Radar Recorders

The WV LTAP has radar recorders that can collect data on the number of vehicles being driven on your two-lane roads, along with their size and speed. Unlike traditional traffic counters, these devices are attached to utility poles or trees and use radar, so there is no need to put sensors or long tubes in the road. The placement of these counters also helps to collect more accurate information, as drivers are usually unaware that they are present.

Trail Counters

The infrared trail counters can be used to collect information on pedestrian and bicycle traffic on trails, paths, and sidewalks. These counters use an infrared beam that is able to detect warm, moving objects. Through this technology, the infrared counter is able to detect and count the number of pedestrians and cyclists that pass a specific location. The WV LTAP has three trail counters available for loan.

Turning Movement Counters

Turning movement counters are manual devices that require someone to operate the device during the entire count period. These counters are good when you have a problematic intersection, and you want to better understand how vehicles and pedestrians travel through the intersection. You can use the counters to determine how many vehicles turn at an intersection, or how long vehicles wait, on average, at a stop sign. The WV LTAP has two of these devices available for loan.


The retroreflectometer can be used to measure sign retroreflectivity in the field as one of the approved methods for determining when signs should be replaced due to poor visibility. It comes with an extension pole that enables overhead sign measurements to be taken without using a bucket truck or ladder. The WV LTAP has one retroreflectometer available for loan.

Digital Level

It is important to make sure that our sidewalks can accommodate everyone who wants to use them. The Americans with Disabilities Act provides requirements for sidewalks regarding width and slope. It is vital that our sidewalks are not too steep and that curb cuts can accommodate all pedestrians, including those with disabilities. A smart level can be a useful tool in evaluating sidewalks. Unlike a traditional level, a smart level has a digital display that provides the exact slope that it is resting on to the nearest tenth of a degree.

Measuring Wheel

A measuring wheel (sometimes referred to as surveyor’s wheel) is a convenient tool when you are in need of collecting accurate distances quickly. As opposed to a tape measure, a measuring wheel can be used easily by a single person, making the process quicker and more efficient. WV LTAP’s wheel measures to the nearest inch and collects lengths of up to 10,000 feet. If you need to determine how much sidewalk you have, how many parking spaces you can accommodate on a block, or the width of your roads, a measuring wheel can be a great tool.

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