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Spring 2023

Spring 2023

2023 Planning & Goals

BIL Infrastructure Funding

Roads Scholar I Graduate

Build a Better Mousetrap Program and Examples from PA, CT, & MT

Safety Brief: Trenching & Shoring Basics

What Not to Say. Guidance for Liability Neutral Language (Part 1)

Traveling Through Invasive Plants

Customer Service Essentials

Excavation and Trenching Safety Crossword Puzzle

Spring/Summer 2022

Spring/Summer 2022

Don't Give a Free Ride to the Spotted Lanternfly


Finding, Keeping & Training Commercial Drivers


Embracing Change


Meet Two of Our Newest Advisory Board Members


2022 Roadway Management Conference Registration & Agenda


Additional Training Opportunities

Event Recap: From Drones to Transportation Planning

Flagger Safety & Innovative Vest Designs

Roadway Maintenance Crossword Puzzle

Getting Up to Speed

Traffic Signal Basics

To Do List

Winter 2021

Winter 2021

2021 Reflections & 2022 Plans


Recruiting and Retaining Highway Maintenance Workers


2022 Build a Better Mousetrap Competition


Delaware DOTs Third Eye


FHWA's EDC-6: Every Day Counts Overview


Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

Give Support to Your New Co-Workers

2021 Snow and Ice Control Workshop 

Winter Maintenance Crossword

2022 Transportation Planning Conference

Summer 2021

Summer 2021

Combatting Road User Errors


Build a Better Mousetrap Winners


Roads Scholar Graduates


WV LTAP's Virtual Training Platform


Safety Brief Working in the Heat


2021 Snow & Ice Control Workshop

Spring 2021

Spring 2021

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Drones

Road Facts: Motorists and Cyclists Sharing the Road

Roads Scholar Recognition

Training Opportunities

Safety Brief: Three Points of Contact

2021 Build a Better Mousetrap Competition

WV LTAP Website Your To Do List

Fall/Winter 2020

Fall/Winter 2020

Safety Training Resources Unveiled

Signs, Barrels, Cones & More

Build a Better Mousetrap Competition

Why Now is the Perfect Time to Add Social Media

to Your Communications Tooklit

Roadway Management Conference Updates

Daily Winter Checklist Before You Start Your Drive

Transportation Pandemic Playbook Summary

Virtual Snow & Ice Control Workshop

Tips for Plowing Snow on Gravel Roads

Safety Brief: Operator Safety During Winter Maintenance

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