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Tree Felling Safety Tips

​This Tailgate Talk is part of the NLTAPA collection.

  • Each employee involved in tree felling should be instructed exactly what to do. If somebody is not involved in the operation, they should keep clear of the work area. 

  • Before cutting down any tree consider the following: Shape of the tree - lean of the tree - wind force and direction - decayed, hollow, or other weak spots - location of overhead utilities in all directions - location of other workers and equipment - any other things that may cause trouble when the tree falls. 

  • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment consistent with the hazards. Hard hat, eye and face protection, hearing protection, chaps, gloves and sturdy work shoes are required when using a chain saw. 

  • The work area should be cleared and an escape route planned before any cutting is started. 

  • Shut off chain saws or apply the chain brake before clearing the area. 

  • Rotten, split, hollow or frozen trees may fall in an unexpected direction even though the open face notch is made on the proper side. 

  • It may be necessary to use ropes and wedges to make sure it falls in the intended direction. 

  • Always keep clear of the butt of the tree when it starts to fall. 

  • Multiple people limb cutting on the same felled tree should be avoided. 

  • Be aware of others working in the area. Limbs often roll and move during cutting and removal. This scenario has also been the cause of several injuries

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