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Driver Operator Safety

​This Tailgate Talk is part of the NLTAPA collection.

The safety of our worker is the highest priority! The way you drive says much about you and our organization. Make a positive impact by following these work-related safe driving practices:

  • Use your seatbelt at all times

  • Be well rested, avoid taking medications that make you drowsy and never drive while impaired by alcohol or drugs

  • Dedicate your full attention to driving. Avoid distractions such as eating, talking or texting on the cell phone

  • Drive safely per the road conditions – drive the speed limit or slower….

  • Continually search the roadway or job site to be alert for situations requiring quick action

  • Keep your cool in traffic

  • Drive defensively. Be seen - Turn on your lights in low light

  • Be patient and courteous to other drivers

  • Follow only one spotter or signaler

  • No matter how difficult, do not take other driver’s actions personally

  • Never become complacent

  • Expect the unexpected

  • Always be sure your truck/equipment is in safe condition

Always be sure your truck/equipment is safely loaded

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