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Pedestrian & Bicycle Transportation



This class provides current information on the design, operations and maintenance of successful pedestrian and bicycle facilities. Emphasis is placed on making attendees aware of the characteristics and needs of pedestrians and bicyclists and on the importance of an interdisciplinary approach to planning and implementing pedestrian and bicycle programs.


Upon completion of this class, attendees should be able to:

  • Understand the characteristics of pedestrians and bicyclists

  • Understand policies that encourage non-motorized travel

  • Understand the design of walkways, sidewalks, public spaces, and multi-use trails

  • Understand legal issues/risk management

  • Understand pedestrian/bicyclists in work zones

  • Obtain a general understanding of ADA requirements


This class should be of interest to engineers (design, maintenance, traffic, and construction), public works directors, and planning, landscape, architecture, recreation and parks, and health-related professions.

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