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Effective Public Speaking



Public works professionals are often called upon to address various audiences and to explain their work in ways that are clear and convincing. Effective speaking is not a gift, it can be learned. Individuals who develop speaking skills inform and influence others, receive better compensation and have greater opportunities.


During this class, attendees will be introduced to the basic principles of effective professional public speaking and how to effectively prepare presentations. This class will also cover how to assess audiences, organize ideas, prepare effective visual aids, and develop the skills needed to get speaking points across. Participants will learn how to deal with stage fright and be an effective speaker in all kinds of situations, e.g., public meetings, meetings, presentations to peers, and social events such as retirement and wedding receptions.


Upon completion of this class, attendees should be able to:

  • Identify what makes us anxious about speaking

  • Determine how to overcome the fears of public speaking

  • Be able to plan and deliver an effective presentation

  • Assess the role of organization, language, and method of a presentation


This class should be of interest to public works professionals who communicate with peers, supervisors, the public, and audiences of various types. In particular, this class is aimed at public works directors, planners, engineers, technicians, and road supervisors.

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