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1st Runner Up - DCG Back Saving Blade, WVDOH-D7


Maintenance employees were looking for a solution to help speed up and simplify the process of cleaning out build-up, such as gravel, from under guardrails. 


WVDOH employees David Miller, Craig Boggs and Gary Gadd determined that it would be relatively simple to develop a device that could be used instead of shovels. Two pieces of tube steel were welded to a cutting edge peice. No holes were drilled and no welding was done on the machine itself. The DCG Back Saving Blade was designed to slide onto the forks and be fastened with a chain to keep it from coming off during use. 


Two pieces of tube steel sixed 2"x6'x28"

Chain, hook, brace, and a cutting edge


The two pieces of tube steel were $36

The hook was approximately $30

The chain, the brace between the tube steel, and the cutting edge of the face all came from the in-house scrap pile

2 hours of labor


This device is low-cost and was relatively easy to put together. It has been successfully used to clean build-up out from under guardrails. It saves all manual shoveling and speeds up production, approximately 4 to 1. While there is still some ranking that needs to be done during the clean-up, it is very little and is limited to right at the guardrail posts. It will attach to any piece of equipment that uses forks, and it is very sturdy. 


Charles R. Smith


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