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1st Place Sustainability - Self-Batching Concrete Mixer & Silo


City street crews pour, on average, about 1200 cu. yds. of concrete annually. The problem we encountered was that in our location we have only one vendor to purchase ready mix concrete. We were constantly having to try to schedule concrete sometimes ahead of time to meet our needs. This coupled with the ever-increasing costs of purchasing concrete (around 7% annually) got us brainstorming for a solution.


We started talking about ways to solve the problem of getting concrete to our crews when they needed it and at an affordable price. Myself, Street Supervisor Brad Hawkins, and Council Member CJ Rylands started talking about different options to batch our own concrete, and I started looking into different equipment options. After some extensive research, we decided on a self-batching truck and a portable concrete silo.


FIORI DB460 Self-Loading Concrete Mixer and an HS 15.0 Silo




We did a detailed analysis and we project a cost savings of over $660,000 over five-years.This investment is making us much more PROWAG compliant because now we’re able to do about twice as much sidewalk and ramp work for the same money. We also use this to batch concrete for our other departments. This allows us to quickly remediate road cuts, which reduces our liability.


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