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1st Place - Truck Tire Changer/Roll Tube Bender, City of Buckhannon


The City of Buckhannon needed to roll 1 1/4 inch pipes to form the arch supports for the community's farmers' market located at Jawbone Park. The shop they had used in the past could not supply the rolled pipe to meet the City's deadline, so a method for bending the pipe needed to be developed in-house.


At first, staff tried bending the tubing with a pipe bender, however, it would kink and it was not bent consistently. One day, the City of Buckhannon Street Commissioner Jerry Arnold was mounting truck tires and he thought, "This machine has all of the functions I need to form the tubing. It rotates and can create down force." Using the truck tire changer, city employees were able to successfully roll the pipe into the tubes needed for arch supports.


A truck tire changer machine, metal tubes, bolts, nuts, trailer spindles, two eight-inch trailer wheels and one twelve-inch trailer wheel.


The total cost was around $100.00.


The immediate savings was around $1200.00 and it allowed the City of Buckhannon to complete a grant project on time. The benefits to the community are having a state-of-the art farmers' market, which has become a gathering place for the community with events such as Festival Fridays.


Jerry Arnold


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