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Customer Service



My tax dollars pay your salary! This is just one phrase that employees of government agencies may hear from a frustrated citizen. During this class, we’ll learn why customer service is so important and we’ll focus on how roadway agencies and other public works agencies can provide high quality customer service. This class will discuss different methods to help improve the customer service experience. It will also look at ways to diffuse irate or angry citizens and reach a positive solution.


Upon completion of this course, attendees should be able to:

  • Define their customers

  • Differentiate between the private and government sector

  • Understand the importance of customer service

  • Understand customer motivation

  • Recognize their typical responses

  • Develop practical customer service skills

  • Understand effective uses of different communication methods

  • Deliver a positive message when the answer is no


This class should be of interest to anyone who interacts with the public, in person, on the phone, or through written correspondence. This could include laborers, supervisors, elected/appointed officials, and office personnel.

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