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Backhoe Safety



Being able to operate a backhoe, or any large piece of heavy equipment, takes skill and an awareness of safety procedures. This classroom training will focus on parts of the machine, safety basics, pre-trip procedures, safe operation in situations such as traveling up or down a grade, operating on a slope, digging a trench, and more. Note: This is not a hands-on class; participants will not be operating heavy equipment.


Upon completion of the class, attendees should be able to:

  • Identify key machine components

  • Identify controls and understand their usage

  • Identify, read, and respond to instruments and gauges

  • Describe safe operation when working on or around heavy equipment

  • Understand how to respond to warning symbols

  • Describe pre-start and safe starting procedures and their importance

  • Explain the basics of machine operation and its safety

  • Understand preventative maintenance


This class should be of interest to anyone that operates a backhoe or works around heavy equipment.

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