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Information Sharing for Traffic Incident Management

Traffic incident management focuses on developing procedures, implementing policies, and deploying technologies to more quickly identify incidents, improve response times, and more effectively and efficiently manage the incident scene. Because so many entities are involved in response efforts, rapid and effective traffic incident management relies on successful information sharing between public safety agencies, transportation agencies, and other public and private sector incident responders. This document identifies and summarizes the information needs of public and private incident responders. It describes how information is obtained and shared during an event in order to best support safe, quick response. Additionally this document addresses technical and institutional barriers to information exchange as well as methods devised to overcome these barriers. This report presents key research showcasing the advantages of data sharing between multiple agencies. It identifies and summarizes the information needs of various incident response agencies, describing the means to obtain and share information during an event. Case study information is also presented to illustrate various means of information sharing. Collection and distribution of information is addressed in the context of the incident timeline. Selected best practices for information sharing are presented. Various information sharing barriers are presented as well as some strategies to overcome them.

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