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Motor Grader Safety Checklist

​This Tailgate Talk is part of the NLTAPA collection.


  • Be careful not to pinch fingers when removing inspection panels. 

  • When traveling, make sure blade is in the proper position. 

  • Never leave a motor grader unattended without putting the blade down. 

  • When operating a grader next to the edge of a bank or slope, be extra sure of footing. 

  • Don’t extend the blade into the front or rear tires or transfer case. 

  • When operating, be aware of protruding or overhanging objects or limbs. 

  • Be on the lookout for hazards on the traveled way such as bridge joints, abutments, manhole covers, curbs, etc. 

  • Use proper entering and exiting procedures. Don’t jump from the cab. 

  • When backing, be extra cautious of personnel, equipment, and object in the area. 

  • Don’t open the doors when the grader is in motion. 

  • When cutting back on supers, lighten up on blade pressure to avoid slipping into the other lane of traffic. 

  • Review controls before using an unfamiliar motor grader. 


  • Use proper cutting edges. 

  • Change blade when 10% of the blade is remaining. 

  • Park on level ground, set the parking brake. 

  • Swing blade to the right and roll the blade forward. 

  • Remove debris between the moldboard and cutting edge with a scraper. 

  • Replace worn bolts and nuts.

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