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Preventative Maintenance and Rehabilitation



The overall purpose of this class is to provide a tool to assist pavement engineers and technicians in developing the most cost-effective and reliable preservation and rehabilitation alternatives for their pavements. Topics include hot mix asphalt pavement behavior and performance, identification and maintenance for common hot mix pavement distresses, pavement preservation and maintenance methods, and selecting the preferred rehabilitation or preservation option.


Upon completion of this class, attendees should be able to:

  • Understand the types of hot mix pavements

  • Understand evaluation of pavements

  • Identify maintenance/rehabilitation treatments

  • Describe preventative maintenance and its principles

  • Understand the application of various surface treatments

  • Understand best conditions for each treatments

  • Understand the importance of developing alternative rehabilitation designs

  • Understand developments of rehabilitation alternatives

  • Know techniques to develop cost-effective alternative designs


This class should be of interest to pavement engineers, technicians, and others who are responsible for selecting pavement treatments.

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