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Pavement Markings



Pavement markings are applied for the purpose of regulating and guiding the movement of traffic. Applying markings is more than simply placing lines on the roadway. It is installing traffic guidance and a regulation system on a roadway surface. This workshop provides an overview of pavement markings, including their purpose in terms of driver needs, common types of materials, marking applications, and operation and maintenance issues.

This class can be substituted for the Roads Scholar I Proper Signs and Markings class. 


Upon completion of the class, attendees should be able to understand:

  • Purpose of pavement markings

  • Pavement marking materials

  • Pavement marking applications - lines, word and symbol markings

  • Delineation

  • Operations and maintenance

  • 2009 Pavement markings revisions to MUTCD


This class should be of interest to state, county and municipal roadway agency personnel who install and maintain pavement markings – traffic engineers, technicians, public works directors, street supervisors, inspectors, those who apply markings and anyone involved in traffic safety.

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