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Parking Lot Guide

The automobile has become an integral part of modern civilization. As we increasingly rely on personal
transportation, we find that the demand for adequate parking also becomes an issue. Nearly all building
structures will incorporate some parking features to accommodate their workers, customers, and deliveries. Office buildings and retail stores across America are opening their doors and trying to attract new customers. First impressions are critical and the parking lot serves as a crucial gateway to what that first impression might be. Today’s parking lots are engineered with the latest advances in road science to meet the needs of motorists as well as the demands of traffic. As a result, the industry utilizes the technology and advancements to improve the quality of the pavement continuously. Ultimately, the goal is to provide a finished product that remains durable, smooth, safe, and sustainable for a long period of time
This publication provides owners, architects and engineers guidance on the design and construction of parking lot pavements that serve the user and last for generations.

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