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1st Place - Bridge Form Support Jack WV Parkways Authority


The construction of concrete form supports for bridge deck repairs take long periods of time to construct, are labor intensive, waste resources (as most materials are used only once and then discarded). and crews are exposed to many hazards. 


To develop a reusable concrete form support system that can remain on-hand and ready, be easily and quickly installed, and used over multiple times. 


  • 2 jacks support post from Lowe's (2'-4" length)

  • 4' piece of aluminum C-Channel

  • 1 piece of 1.25 threaded rod ( same thread pitch/diameter as bolts provided with jack post)

  • 2' of 1/4" x 3" angle aluminium


The form jacks took approximately 8 hours to construct


  • $125-$150

  • Plus 6-8 hours labor to complete each form support jack


The benefits of having and using these support jacks are in the reduced time it takes to get the needed support into place and the bridge deck repairs complete in order ti be reopened to traffic. Thus, reducing the exposure to all hazards associated with repairing these types of holes and the affect maintenance operations, lane closures, and queuing traffic have on motorist and workers.

Another benefits is increased efficiency. The employees are able to be used the jacks to hold the plywood in place until they can fasten it with screws. This is something that cannot do very well with 4x4 wooden forms and when using a full sheet of plywood; it was a big arm saver.

Also, if additional height is needed, the jack posts in the center can be moved outward to a more vertical position. and if the concrete pour id long or very heavy, the form jacks can be placed alternating between the two positions for more uniformed support beneath the concrete form.


Carl Williams


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